Market Insights

Monday, March 30, 2020

10:45 - 11:30 am

Strategic Market Insight opportunities are available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
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Market Insight A:

Why You Might be Paying Too Much for Your Pharmacy Benefits: Strategies to Control Costs and Improve Outcomes

Tired of efforts to lower pharmacy costs having little impact on the bottom line? Frustrated with the industry always seeming to find ways to add cost without adding value?

Managing your pharmacy benefits can be complex, making it difficult to weigh costs with value. However, by taking a closer look at a few key components you can gain a better understanding and uncover significant savings opportunities.

Hear first-hand how one plan went from year-over-year double-digit trend increases to achieving a less than 3% average increase over six years.

During this session, you'll discover:

  • Examples of drugs that you might be covering that are costing you
  • The most important metric when comparing PBMs
  • Strategies to significantly reduce costs and improve member health

Market Insight B:

Leverage Data and Advanced Analytics to Deliver Cost-Effective and High-Quality Care

Data is the future of health care. As a business leader, it is critical to focus on what is possible with data, and reignite your imagination. In order to support health care's inevitable data-driven transformation, it's time to turn the traditional 'data as an asset' rhetoric into an operational reality. In this session, you'll learn,

  • The importance of data governance: If you don't govern your data as an asset, you've failed before you've even begun
  • How to get value from your data and remove obstacles to access data
  • Why your IT team is an enabling function, not a controlling function
  • The people doing the work must be accountable for the results
  • How your data strategy is your business strategy

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

10:30 - 11:15 am

Market Insight A:

Case Study: Leverage Predictive Analytics to Drive Down Health Care Costs in Senior Patients

Although many health care organizations target intensive and costly interventions to their most expensive, top-acuity patients, analysis has unveiled potential cost savings opportunities by managing the mid-acuity patients and identifying emerging-risk patients who represent future cost and utilization.

In this session, learn how Partners Healthcare at Home used predictive analytics to identify and focus tailored interventions in a mid-acuity senior population to drive a significant decrease in 90- and 180-day hospital readmissions.

  • Understand how Partners Healthcare at Home implemented a program using predictive analytics powered by Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) data to trigger tailored, personalized interventions
  • Review the results of a two-armed randomized control trial that demonstrated a 61% decrease in 90-day readmissions and 46% decrease in 180-day readmissions
  • Integrate data analytics into daily care management to help identify which patients benefit from personalized care plans with intervention strategies

Market Insight B:

Navigate Life's Speed Bumps (and Potholes) on the Road to Financial Well-Being

Employers are more invested now than ever in the financial well-being of their employees. However, life is so intertwined and complicated that employers need to help employees address more than just their money. Explore some unexpected connections across various life events and how they impact the financial well-being of your employees. In this session,

  • Understand how Fidelity's total well-being model is constructed and applied - and its correlation with financial well-being
  • Examine the growing role of emotional and social health on employees' well-being
  • Determine benefits that contribute to total health and well-being

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